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Welcome to the Master’s Program in International Relations at NYU.

Located in the heart of New York City, the IR program offers comprehensive training in international relations coupled with unparalleled access to professional development opportunities in one of the world’s global capitals. Courses are taught by leading academics and experienced professionals and explore critical global issues like international security, political economy, international business and finance, international development, human rights, and more.

As part of the NYU Global Network University, the IR program hosts distinguished international figures for lectures and events throughout the year.  The IR program also boasts a dynamic, multinational student body representing nearly every corner of the globe. In additional to gaining professional experience through internships at some of New York’s leading international institutions, IR students participate in the student-run International Relations Association and publish the annual Journal of Political Inquiry.

Many graduates of the IR program go on to successful careers as international affairs professionals, working for governments, NGOs, IGOs, and the private sector, while others continue their studies at prestigious PhD programs and law schools around the world. Regardless of their path, all students leave the program equipped with the knowledge and skills to effectively meet the demands of today’s marketplace and the complex, dynamic international environment.